Before proceeding, if you have not done so, please read the instructions for completing this form at Demonstrating Foreign Language Proficiency Exams.

We have two prices, depending on the service.

  • BYU Proficiency Exam proctoring - $35. We oversee the administration and security of this exam, coordinating the collection of testing materials, as well as sending and receiving the materials to and from BYU.
  • Proctoring and Grading - $65. Some tests require us to both proctor and grade a proficiency test. The Modern Languages staff handles the proctoring and the faculty grade the tests. If you past the test, we also provide you with a letter verifying proficiency. We offer this service for Arabic and Chinese proficiency, and for CIE language proficiency verification.

If any of this is unclear, DO NOT PROCEED (all payments initiate a process and are NON-Refundable). Contact the Modern Languages Dept at 928-523-2361 and request information on Proficiency Exams.


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